So here you are. 'IT' seems not to work for you anymore. Doubt sets in. Why doesn't it work? Is it me? Circumstances? Lost connections? There is a world of all kind of commercial coaches, motivational speakers, schemes like NLP, law of attraction, the secret, reigion. And in spite of all that, it appears not to work for you. Hereit is, the simple answer...

95% 4% 1%
95% are striving to what the 4% understand to have and to become member of the 1% most talented and successfull in the world.  Just some names of the 1% league?  Johan Cruijff, Mohammed Ali, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Steven Jobs, Bill Gates, Anita Roddick, Henry Ford, Michael Jackson, Michael Schumacher, Eckart Wintzen, Elon Musk and any other name you can think of having 'IT made'.

Their Common Denominators?
- They KNOW and ACT by heart what they have by Nature
- They searched and found what made themselves Tick and how it works for them
- They aren't influenced by opinion of others or 'standards'

- They keep Focus and Perceverance on that they know they do Best
- They set their own pass and ouotlines
- They understand that a mistake is very valuable
- They aren't bothered by judgement of others

- They easily abandon non fitting habbit
- Strive for the FUN in what ever it is they do
- They Share

Does anyone see or read here 'Aiming for wealth and richness....?' For 'that', in 99% of the instances, of all these 1%-ers, isn't part of their focus. It only is the resulting as part of their outcome ....

Born Talented
4%-ers and 1%
-ers very early in life KNOW their talents. Reason that their talent sometimes had to wait to blossom most times were circumstances. It could be poor parents, wrong education, associating with the wrong people, accepting judgement of others.  Never the less, they always continued to do what it is they were born with.

Universal Principle
This universal principle applies for all and everything in the world, Person and material alike. Look around you and wonder why 'they' have 'made' it and you haven't.... yet. Simply because they KNOW what and HOW it is working for them and do whatever in line with just that.

There is no book for that yet many (ex)claim, hype or shout they have the formula for you to get 'there'. Here's their bankaccount. The Universal Principle, however, working here are free and older then mother earth herself. So, here it is.... the only thing.....

Assessment and Determining
It also means that only less then 5% of all those methods, ways of assessment and techniques, to show you YOUR
TALENT, aren't working. Reason that is has everything to do wit fact that you in person are part of the overall process.

So are YOU ready?
As of 01.01.2018 we frequently host 4 Hrs seminars. The maximum number of attandees: 16 per seminar.
Time:  09:00 - 13:00
1. Basis of the universal Input/Output (I/O) principle
2. The I/O working in your everydays live
3. How to manage the I/O principe to your Advantage
4. Immediate changes in your way of living
5. Your immediate and lasting improvement

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Why YOU can't find 'TALENT'

Why 1% and 4% are so incredible successful while 95% seem not?  Simply revealed.


2 Pillars: Simplicity, Power   

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           IT Damages Predicted and Prevented

Do you know I(C)T as matter is 100% Predictable?

Yes, also the avoidable mishaps, yes, also the preventable IT occurences with increasing and with wider spread impact. Yes also the chance your company will run into name brand and reputation damage because of a failing IT.

In the midst of commercial turmoil, billions and billions, worldwide, are lost because of two Universal Principles not understand, therefor neglected.

I/O (Exact working the same as the Biblical
α/Ω principle)
One Universal Principle working here is the I/O principle. Many of the IT world knows where I/O stands for yet still seems not able to explain tot the Non IT world which powerful Universal Principle is involved here.

There are three simple questions to be answered in any IT instance

1. What is Digital Automation?
2. Why does one autmate?
3. Why should one automate?

If these three simple questions can't be answered by any IT professional in a comprehensible manner, 100% assured huge bills, name and reputation damages will be ahead. Every incident, on every level, in and with IT, simply can be pin pointed and .... also be avoided.

Question now:
'If IT is 100%, why haven't they of the IT world told you in an understandable fashion?

 What is the impact to you as customer? '







The Civile Matrix

How and why your IT ICT is 100% predictable and how best to avoid all damages with simple common sense.


Beyond the hypes