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Surely with any method the first question is, "Where is the profit, the gain?"
With NumoQuest® your gain is no longer the need for lengthy process in assessments.  Any assessment! The immediate gain also is you being able to take direction, decision, set objectives.  The immediate added value of the person of objective' s nature becomes visible and transparent when NumoQuest® has processed objective's personal data and immediate after, provides insight in the natural born characteristics and soft skills of her or him.

In any kind of process there is no need anymore for lengthy sessions to come to an assessment where personal characteristics and soft skills concerns.  NumoQuest® provides you those Natural Personal Latencies. These are the bases and objective for any one working with and for people.

In an Instance
Instantly the coach can work with the true Talent of her/his pupil.  Instantly the employer or agency can weigh more and precise and decide a candidate is the right one for job or position. Instantly the one, seeking self knowledge has that, concrete, usable. Instantly any therapist no longer need lengthy valuable and costly sessions to make any assessment.  All these sole has to focus on what is already and instantly there to use.  And the person of objective? She or he no longer has to convert to any type or scheme or learn ' tricks' that doesn't fit it's nature.

Imagine the abandonment of time, stress, agony and  ill will if an Instant and straight working 3D image of a personality can be obtained on shortest of terms.

Remember the Universal 95% - 4% - 1% law?
NumoQuest® provides instant direction where personal Quality, Talent and Personality lays. Each person is Unique and Deserves to be in the TOP 1% of their own league.

The Value with NumoQuest®
NumoQuest® provides instant insight in the natural latent abilities of Talent, independent, wihout any chance of manipulation. This is done by analysis of existing personal data. This may be a personal letter, this may be a resume, this may be school reporting of at least two consecutive years. This data is analyzed by digital mathematical process. From start to delivery no human hand is involved in the process.

The clinical output consists out of following:
- Natural latent Primary and Secondary Personal Characteristics
- Natural latent Soft skills such as ;
- Mental and Emotional nature
- Intuition
- Physical nature
- Personal Independence and Self starting abilities
- Personal Stamina
- Flexibility
- Inspiration and Enthusiasm
- Communication
- Empathy
- Action Independence 

All these aspects combined provide the full 3D natural personal spectrum anyone wants to be able to use as a reliable basis and for almost any objective to reach.

One immediate has clear and concise insight of the latencies and possibilities of a coworker or in case of job application if someone is suited for specific tasks and duties.

To understand more of oneself, an totally independent and clinical 3D overview is provided for personal assessment that in natural bases always will be the same.

The personal bases and latencies are provide which enable teachers and coaches to work with immediate from starters to determine what direction to pursuit according best natural powers of the person of objective.

(Semi) Medical
No lengthy questionnaires or talking sessions anymore since the bases of the objective is at hand where aid and support immediate can be given specifically for a patient. No lengthy schemes or costly projects but concise mental treatment. If a patient clearly is posing to be different then the 3D latencies, the only thing to do is to call upon the 3D natural latencies of the patient and he/she will respond completely by personal nature.  

But there is more...

NumoQuest® is not a medicine or treatment. NumoQuest® sole purpose is to make any persons natural personal latencies visible to use in any scheme desired.

Excluded for use for persons with mental defects by nature and in case of use of medication with impact on personality and personal behavior in widest extent.





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