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The Universal 95% - 4% - 1% law is nothing new at all.
Imagine the influence of these numbers in everydays society, put these to all sort of papers and books, they time and time surface in the same format, though colour or shape may vary.

This formula applies for Talent as well. 95% of all people strive for what 4% knows and live by where the top 1% virtally know nothing else then that. This universal principle also applies to all used way and method in the world to assess that Talent. To find that Talent, to Manage and Guid that Talent to their best of abilities.

No Nonsense
NumoQuest® provides the instant and usable insight of every individuals personal Talent on shortest term, without the influence or external interfearence of momentum, the person of interest or opinion. Imagine that you now have a sterile mean to look at each and individual Talent as born by nature. Straight to the point, concise, consistant. Imagine that the 3D insight is instant usable while all one has to do, focus on the 3D objective with one huge advantage.

No New Tricks
The person of interest doesn't have to learn anything else than just being ones natural born self. Imagine what this mean to you as professional, to you as coach, as recruiter, as therapist. Imagine the time saved in searching mean and way, the time saved in trainig, the costs saved by avoiding any mismatch.

Imagine the instant Profit!

4Hrs seminar

- What is Numoquest, history and Value today
- Real time assessments presented and analyzed
- Case presentation
    - Insight of the Person of Interest
    - Gaining the
Edge With Numoquest®
    - Servicing the customer
    - Coaching with Numoquest®
    - Mediation using Numoquest®

* Special authorized approach for gvt objectives. Adjusted seminars.

Contact us for details of the powerful NumoQuest® Edge programme Seminar.

* Seminars are provided on customers premises.


NumoQuest® is not a medicine or treatment. NumoQuest® sole purpose is to make indvidual personal natural latency, capacity and soft skills visible to use in any desired objective.

Excluded for use for individuals with mental defects by nature and in case of use of medication with impact on personality and personal behavior to widest extent.


Instant benefit and profit applying Simplicity and Power or, IT ICT
                                        Predictability 100%

Seminar IT vs Non IT

There are two worlds. The world of Non IT and the world of IT. In both worlds, today, IT and digital automation, are no longer to be missed. If one would even consider the impact of being without all digitized influences in todays world, one could also imagine the corporate and business consequences.

In terms of applying digital automation in the corporate world and business, there are still huge benefits left behind. Commercial and constructive applicable benefits. Also missed opportunity for the Non IT world as well as staggering loss caused by digital automation.

These costs, depending on nature and area of your coporate and business, will run into Billions U$/€ or any other currency applicable. Not only financial damages, also name and brand damages not alone, professional damages.

IT ICT is 100% predictable

Let this sink into your mind for a moment. The universal laws where digitil and mechanical automation are subdued to, also applies for any IT professional, any IT discipline, in any step, project and programme in and with IT and even stronger, for anyone using these or being part of these.

Making this statement, Wonder. Why is it I didn't know? How come no one ever informed me? If digitized and mechanical automation is 100% predictable, are mishaps, damages, costs, business and project forecasts also 100% predictable?

The answer here: YES!

IT professionals, being absolute experts in  individuals fields of expertease, for 95% of all aren't aware of this, so how can they tell you. 99% of all professionals in IT, don't know this, and if they knew, they for sure wouldn't tell you.

The Instant Gain....

In one seminar you will be shown how simple and forcefull digital andd mechanical automation can be, how you as Non IT professional or meber of the corporate world in minutes will understand how IT works, how it behaves, more
.....  HOW it IS to be applied.

You will learn in one seminar to understand why and where IT is going wrong and you will be able afterwards, to instant recognise costly mishaps and error even before they arrive and instantly can avoid huge cost and damages and prevent all kind of published name and brand damages.

We will cover:

The three absolute questions of essence virtually never asked

How to set up a successful IT project/programme
The laws of physics of the foundation of automation are exactly the same for every step, every principle, every project, program and IT professional, in and with IT as they were since inventing the wheel. How your life in essence is exactly similar yet..... no one ever tell you

Civile Matrix®™
Shortest and most secure overview of the automation principle and  appliance in the enterprise. How to get the best and most out of your IT starting from 'the NOW' and from 'What You Got' principles.

Your success with IT, any time, any where without being an IT pro
There are no limits to steps the organization or project management in IT can take from any moment to turn tides to the profit. It simply is a matter of adapting what already is in house, in place, or set objective. Not an overhaul or turnaround.

IT Crisis management

It is very predictable when things in IT can spiral out of control where after the domino effect starts. Especially with the social media at highest alert 24/24, pressure may show to be an extra burden on stand and situation. How to turn every IT crisis situation to successful momentum and bases to progress.


* Special authorized approach for gvt objectives. Adjusted seminars.

Contact us for details of the powerful NumoQuest® Edge programme Seminar.

Seminars are given on premises. Terms may be negotiated under proper mutual understanding. Payments strictly under 50%/50% conditions.  


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