The Edge™® Programme

More and more companies and organizations feel the increasing impact of the Internet and the social media. Added value business wise not often to clear and the increasing use of the social media by competitors, blurring ones own strategic position. Commerce using all sorts of techniques to pressure the organization to mimick or to follow behavior.

NQ© consists out of two clear pillars where the focus is set on

- Visibility
- Adding Value
- Budget and Cost savings
- Increase
- Gaining the Edge

In the turmoil caused by the social media, the pressure it also generates, it is advised to keep the focus on which elements are working strongest in the individual endeavor. Emphasizing these without being lead by the many on line opinions, gaining
Edge above your competition

How can one become strong and visible, using Internet without the negative means on internet.

Adding Value
Many claim and pose having added value for yourself and customers. When closer compaired 95% of all basically are the same. Next to becoming more visible of importance is that potential customers recognise you offer true added value without the commercial emphasis.

This approach will start to build real and lasting relationships which in turn will give you
Edge beyond the 95% running for the short term gain.

Budget and Cost savings
Every organization, small or large, depend on the first winnings, that is, not to spend. There are many ways to achive that. There also are ways to avoid large expenses. Many haven't got the endurance to keep the focus on ways 'Not to Spend'. As soon as some finance is earned, they lose the focus and start to spend more.

Edge is all about awarenes and realizing how to be strategic versus dynamic.

Increase starts with increasing spending time and focus on and in your endeavor. Many small business, with great enthousiasm, soon say, I fail to have time to focus because ... The first Edge you have here is quit using time to all sort of social media thinking the increase is to be found there.

Understanding how strategics works, understanding that listening to the many hints and tips from all kinds of sources, not really bring any added value, the first gain here is to abandon that idea.

Many one liners doesn't bring you any further as many telling you 'how to...' or so called 'trades secrets...' In the end of the many stories the punchline is their bankaccount. A well known mistake is try to copy a success story or formula finding out the hard way it wasn't working for you.

There are invisible rules working here only very few can tell you. Knowing and understanding that will give you indeed, Edge over others.

Edge is a complete different approach on adding value work to last.

The Edge Programme
The Edge programme is exclusive fitting for each individual endeavor with the focus to change attitude and behavior towards the endeavors prosperity within its own field, expertise and market.

Objective of Edge is to provide lasting turnatround in behavior for direct benefit of the individual and organization.




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