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Are you familiar with the Universal 95% - 4% - 1% law?

Your not alone. So aren't 99% of HR, recruitment, psychologists, coaches, teachers or professionals, in what ever field or discipline. What it means?

95% think, portray, strive to have 'IT'
4% have 'IT'  using it by heart, the natural way, yet not fully realizing that
1% truly knows 'IT',by heart, breath 'IT', live 'IT', they have dreamed 'IT' their whole lives, in spite of their surroundings opinions.

Let it sink in for a few moments! It also implies that.....Chance finding that Talent statistically is <3%. Regardless any method currently used by HR, recruitment, psychologists, coaches, teachers, professionals

Any idea what that means in terms of chain consequences? Loss of productivity, confidence, name and reputation damage, reliability. This should make you think. Natural Talent is stronger then education but, both combined?  
That's Talent! 

Why NumoQuest® is so very different?
NumoQuest® first visualize the natural latent abilities of talent completely independent and non - manipulative. Then NumoQuest®  compares that with the real history of that Talent. If these two are matching? Then you truly have Talent. The impact and independence are uncanning for HR, Recruitment, Coaching.
Professional and Self assessment, Education, Mediation

The best part of it? Making true
TALENT visible for 99% of all those methods, techniques or ways of assessment aren't able to realize that.

Be the judge yourself, don't take our word for it.                                         

is not a medicine or treatment. NumoQuest® sole purpose is to make indvidual personal natural latency, capacity and soft skills visible to use in any desired objective.

Excluded for use for individuals with mental defects by nature and in case of use of medication with impact on personality and personal behavior to widest extent.




NumoQuest® Versus

NumoQuest & Talent Mgt.


Laws of physics of  matter driving IT ICT

Your IT/ICT comes in many shapes, color, disciplines, formats and methods.

Do you know that;

- 99% of IT users and decision makers have absolutely no idea what the Laws of Physics of IT are all about?
- 75% of the IT professionals and professionals working in IT have no clue how damaging they are in any IT design, setup, maintainance or implementation?
- All Laws of Physics beneath ANY IT are 100% predictable matter?
- Every damage encountered in and with IT is for 100% predictable and avoidable?

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NumoQuest® Assessments
NumoQuest® Assessments




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Social Governance

NumoQuest™®  commits itself to financial and material support, funding and donation to non profit well water projects to actively support local prosperity and preserve Dignity and Respect.

Chosen projects are free of governmental interference and entirely aimed to adding value of local circumstances, social cohesion and communal prosperity. Please spare some time to get acquainted. 

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The Civile Matrix, Just Get IT.

Why are so few so incredible successful while 95% seem not?  Simply revealed.

Using the Universal law 95% 4% 1%