The first years of our daughters life? How best to describe. Difficult. She was diagnosed an autistic with bipolar disorder. The first seven years were rollercoaster like. No stability, heavy mood swings, it's hard to see your child suffer as she did. Until we found NumoQuest™ on the internet. They showed that we  acted against one and others nature in stead of  with each other. We simply didn't knew how to do that. There isn't anything wrong with our daughter, we simply didn't understand what she is all about in character and talent. Now we know. She's the greatest.

I didn't finish high school. Did all kind of things, the wrong way. No matter the warning of my father, uncle, friends, even did jail. Then one day I simply had enough of it all and focused on what I knew I'd do best... my way. Thanks to a simple add of NumoQuest™ in hours they showed me what I was all about by nature. All I had to do was being my natural self. Me. Today I own three liquor stores and a deli. I never thought it would be that simple.

I always was late, in many things in life. Always that feeling of doubt. People around me could be up the wall of that. Choose... they say. Choose what? I had my first burnout age thirty-six, the second one two years later. A co-worker showed me a small add of NumoQuest™. Within two days they showed me why I had the burnouts and how to leave that all behind. I changed only a few things and now, one year later, I manage a phone help desk with twelve co-workers.

We went to court, the judge ordered mediation. We have seen three different counselors and basically, our marriage was over. A niece advised us to have a word with NumoQuest™. They have been there with their relationship down. In just an afternoon at NumoQuest™ explained how and why things didn't worked out. Can it be that simple? We're expecting our second child. Things couldn't be any better. Thanks niece, oh yeah, and NumoQuest™.

What we do here at. NumoQuest™ ?  We simply make natural character, soft skills, Talent visible. We see to it that the people of interest never actually be part of that process. No assessment test, no long counseling sessions. We simply use what is already there to give active and actual insight of people. Then they do what they do by heart and nature.

That simple? Who said life should be complicated? Ah yes, those trying to sell you something.... or those lost 'their focus'.  But last we restore easily. Just think of the benefits being on YOUR own right track. The costs you'll save, the burnout you prevent, the agony and stress you simply leave behind. Anything is possible.

Just Focus.


is not a medicine or treatment. NumoQuest® sole purpose is to make indvidual personal natural latency, capacity and soft skills visible to use in any desired objective.

Excluded for use for individuals with mental illness or defects by nature and in case of use of medication with impact on personality and personal behavior to widest extent.




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Did you know IT ICT is 100 Predictable?

Ah, they never told you? Then they also didn't told you that many of the bills, name and chain damages, caused in and with IT, also are 100% predictable. Perhaps in all the IT turmoil and hypes, common sense still is the same?

Do you know that;

- 99% of IT users and decision makers have absolutely no idea what the Laws of Physics of IT are all about?
- 75% of the IT professionals and professionals working in IT have no clue how damaging they are in any IT design, setup, maintainance or implementation?
- All Laws of Physics beneath ANY IT are 100% predictable
- All damage encountered in and with IT is  100% predictable and avoidable

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NumoQuest® Assessments




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Why YOU can't find 'TALENT'

Why 1% and 4% are so incredible successful while 95% seem not?  Simply revealed.

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How and why your IT ICT is 100% predictable and how best to avoid all damages with simple common sense. Forget all the hypes.