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Ask anyone around, 'What is Talent'?
What is it? How does one weigh it? How does one describe it?  In the commercial world many are frantically hyping to be on the look for talent, using all kind of shady or unjust schemes or techniques to 'make talent' hyping just that for commercial reason. The term 'Talent', many times abused, in all kind of corporate discussion or HR decision taking or as a rejection in process of job application.

Remember that Universal 95% - 4% - 1% law?
You as employer, as subject, you as coach, student, teacher, professional have virtually NO WAY to weigh if the performing professional is up to the job. Surely you hope so but......

Why NumoQuest® is so very different?
We provide instant insight the natural latent abilities of talent completely independent and non - manipulative. The format is as such it immediate can be applied for a wide array of instances. The proces itself is using existing personal data like schoolreports, resuma or essay of the person of interest. Mathematical analysis, using a method over 2500 yrs old, reveales the natural Primary and Seconday characteristics of the Person of interest and the Soft Skills.

The entire process was digitized in 1996 and nothing is changed in the formula or textual output. No human interaction is part of the analysis nor the output.

The output consists out of following:
Natural latent Primary and Secondary Personal Characteristics
- Natural latent Soft skills such as ;
- Mental and Emotional nature
- Intuition
- Physical nature
- Personal Independence and Self starting abilities
- Personal Stamina
- Flexibility
- Inspiration and Enthusiasm
- Communication
- Empathy

- Professional independence

All these aspects combined provide a full 3D natural personal spectrum enabling reliable use in a wide fields of human interaction, aid and assistance.

One immediate has clear and concise insight of the latencies and possibilities of the Person of Interest, or in case of job application whether someone is suited or capable to perform specific tasks or duties, or become a valuable candidate for an organization.

Talent becomes instant realtime visible and mismatch professionally in fields of HR and recruitment can be voided while the best possible choice of direction of education, course or other desired methods of learning becomes obvious

To have an independent insght of oneself and natural Talent and possebilities for professional or eductional purpose.

Teachers and coaches have a full and independent source where natural born Talent of the person of interest is mad visible and instant usable. Direction of education kan be adjusted and in terms of being able to coach, friction of personalities or misdirection of coaching is avoided with all thinkable benefits and valuable savings.

(Semi) Medical
Often a clear and reliable input of a patient or student isn't possible for various reasons where checking consistency becomes impossible by lack of frame of reference.
NumoQuest® provides the natural state of the person of interested which immediate becomes focus of attention for professional and Person of Interest.

No lengthy sessions are required anymore since the objective is restoring inner balance in the Person of Interest. No need to look for all kinds of inconsistent methods.  

NumoQuest® is a most powerful method to visualize differences between people. Even more. NumoQuest®
 is a forcefull method to instant make incnsistent and opposing characters visible where mediation immediate, completely independent and pinpointed, can be applied. By making the clashing factors comprehensive to the Persons of Interest, understanding and defusing situations instantly becomes possible.

NumoQuest® immediately can be used in any relation type one may think of with the focus and objective to restore balance and harmony between Persons of Interest.

Imagine the loss of valuable time and finance when wrongful choices in method concerns. The costs of these alone in todays terms can become staggering loss. It's NumoQuest® objective to deminish all negative influences and prevent negative consequences to come to constructive and balanced decissions and action for benefit of all.

In secure terms manipulating situations, assessmentys or reporting have become virtually impossible with NumoQuest®. Any Person of interest has no active role in the end to end process.

NumoQuest® is not a medicine or treatment. NumoQuest® sole purpose is to make any persons natural personal latencies visible to use in any scheme desired.

Excluded for use for persons with mental defects by nature and in case of use of medication with impact on personality and personal behavior in widest extent.




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